Professional 5G WiFi GPS Drones with 6K 4K 2 Axis Gimbal Camera RC Distance 3KM Brushless Self Stabilization Quadcopter FPV Dron

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—Large-size foldable quadcopter professional GPS drone

—Two-axis stabilization: Click pictures from innovative angles with this mini drone’s two-axis stabilization mechanical Pan-Tilt feature.

—Self-stabilizing gimbal camera helps you to achieve a tilt angle of 110˚ while the vertical photography angle is -90˚/+20˚.

Basic Information:
Product name: GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone
Product size: 45x40x12cm (before folding)
21x11x9cm (after folding)
Positioning system: GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning
Motor model: 1806 Brushless
Camera features : 2-axis anti-shake Gimbal
Flight weight is about 600g

Flight information:
Charging time: about 6hours
Remote control distance: about 3000m
Transmission distance: about 1500m
Remote control height: about 120m
Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m

Aerial image parameters:
Wifi frequency: 5G

Normal ESC Version Camera:
Picture resolution:4096X3072P
Video resolution: 2048X1080P

6K Gimbal Version Camera:
Picture resolution:6144X3456P
Video resolution: 3840X2160P

Transmission frame rate: 25fps

EQB has always provided customers with high-quality products, we will carefully inspect and test the products, and use safe and fast logistics service packages.

—One-click operation: You can command the aircraft to take off, land and even return from a distance with just a single click.

When summoned back, the drone will come to the original location from where it took off.

—Gesture recognition: When you make a gesture looking at the drone camera, standing 1-3m away from it, it will click your picture.

The aircraft smartly recognizes the gesture and instantly turns your happy moments into everlasting memories.

—Fixed-point surround: Now shoot cool videos with this professional drone without any additional effort.

Fix a point and then set the radial distance with the joystick and watch the drone take videos encircling the selected object.

—Share pictures and videos easily: These amazing quadcopter drones let you share pictures and videos as well. While you can share multiple pictures, one video can be shared at a time.

Explore new places and amp up your videography skills with the NWE M1 Pro 4K HD camera drone.

It can fly for 30 minutes continuously and shoot amazing HD videos at 25fps.

The quadcopter also boasts an excellent video resolution of 2048×1080 and picture resolution of 4096×3072.

You can also transfer images in real-time with the help of Wi-Fi up to a distance of 600m. It has a two-axis anti-shaking self-stabilizing drone camera gimbal, which will make your videos extremely stabilized.

Shoot videos of athletes or follow a flying bird high above! The NWE drone with camera 4K by will help you live your artistic dream. Buy now to bring this amazing device to your next adventure with you!

Additional information

Brand Name


Camera Features

4K HD Video Recording



Camera Integration

Camera Included



Sensor Size

1/3.0 inches

Remote Distance


Aerial Photography


Optical Zoom


FPV Operration


Control Channels

6 Channels



Model Number



Wi-Fi Connection


16 million

Flight Time



GPS Drone with 4K Camera


Quadcopter with Camera 4K


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